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Birthdate:Nov 26
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
I am thirty, a huge nerd, queer, demisexual, a feminist, anti-capitalist, Jewish (Ashkanazi), a New Yorker, someone with ADHD (like my father before me), and quite unabashedly me.

Hello I’m Jaime. Pleased to meet you (or know you in real life, or whatever). My pronouns are they/them/their. Please respect that. Thank you!

Apparently I am Cutes Patoots *nods*

I have a Masters in Social Work, as well as a Masters in Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies. Occasionally I go off on rants on matters relating to those, so errr... be on the look out for those?

This blog contains posts both nerdy (my main fandom rn is Star Wars so expect a lot of that, but I also post a bunch about Revolutionary Girl Utena, Dragon Age, Steven Universe and many many more) and political in nature.

If I ever need to check myself I want to know so I can take the steps needed to better educate myself and correct my behavior. Please let me know. Thank you.
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